Monday Morning, first coffee in progress, always read at your own risk!

At some point in life every Mom or Dad is a single parent, even if it is only for an hour, a day, a long weekend, or a custody agreement. You’re likely to find something here that will lighten your load by knowing you are not alone, and when you read about the contributors you will definitely appreciate the fact that real single parents are indeed super hero’s. They are not occasional single parents! Some are alone by choice in this venture. Others became this way by a fluke, a failed marriage, or some other means.

What you will notice is that none feel like victims and you shouldn’t either. The do it all mom’s and titanium dad’s, have been out there breaking the trail for you. One thing is clear. All of them are far too busy to bemoan their situation or complain. They are out making a living, charting new territory, advocating for their children, and creating what was in the past, a non-traditional family.

In fact, they are saying “screw tradition. I’m making our own.” It’s not easy work, but oh, the payoff… When a child does something amazing, like blow their nose for the first time, does Mom get credit? Not if you are a single Dad. If your teen girl comes home from wood shop (technology, in some curricula) with an amazing decorative towel rack, is Dad to thank? Not if you are a single Mom.

Single parenthood gives you all the toil and all the trouble but the reward is all the joy, pride and unconditional love. So get yourself ready for your tour as a single parent. The role is so much more gratifying than anything you can imagine. “Oh, wait! I’m sorry. You have a teenager who hates you?” Congratulations! The ones with two parents hate both of their authority figures. You have managed to be the sole object of their abhorrence of life’s rules.

Within these single parenthood walls, you will find laughs, tears, and solid advice, from some really intelligent, productive and driven people. Drop in from time to time. You might even get a good laugh eventually. And you will learn! A lot of the people here are writer’s, so you will learn not to start sentences, with “And”, but you will learn so much more. You, alone or in tandem, shared or not, will be a better parent, more prepared to face those days where you are it! You’re the only game in town. It’s your way or the highway. Read up, so when they chose the highway, your little one, teen or adult child will merge gently onto the road, and not crash and burn.

Life is challenging. It’s okay to take a shortcut, especially when it’s exceptional advice from exceptional people! Congratulations on the launch of the “Single Parent’s Survival Guide”. They have you covered. You too, can be a superhero! Your child may not exactly be seeing you that way, but when you finally put your head on the pillow at the end of the night and think “all’s well that ends,” you will know you have been transformed. You made it. Congratulations.

Be sure to “Bookmark” the title URL and share it with your friends. Parenting is not for the feint of heart. We can all use a little support sometimes! One more round of congratulations for Danielle, the site founder; she is part Wonder Woman, all Mom, a nurse to be, and a generally kick ass beautiful woman. I also happen to know she has the patience of a saint!

Still in progress in so many ways…

A fantastic Friday it is today. My darling companion, my Shadow, turns 11 today which for her weight in dog, is 87 years old! Happy Birthday, my sweeter than sugar, 90 lb lap dog. Odd passing thought, we both ascend the steps about at the same rate and I am a mere 40-13! None the less, aside from a birthday in the house, I am elatedly hopeful about my surgical procedure this week, which has kept me from my progress here, but is feeling like progress in my 25 year quest to sit still, literally (a movement disorder)! So all is well, and I assure you some day soon, you will wander by, and  find a format, some posts old and new, and the world…in map form. And oh, the stories me and that map have to tell! Hoping you are all well and thanks for all the love this week.